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3 min readSep 11, 2023


Dear community, we hope you are well.

Our team has an important announcement to make concerning the OG Deal of Blend Protocol. It’s our responsibility to inform everyone adequately about the situation that has arisen.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances we will be canceling/delaying the OG Deal. While we understand that this is very disappointing to hear, aligning with our core value of transparency is key for us. We have come to the conclusion that the expected valuation and the conditions to deliver Blend Protocol, are derived from forecasts that we are unable to meet in the current situation. Our team is facing a couple of challenges which we need to addresses before proceeding.

We are builders at heart and we are proud to be building an unique product on the Kujira blockchain. Unfortunately, unforeseen as things go, today it’s our responsibility to step up and make this very tough call to cancel/delay the OG Deal.

We didn’t expect this to happen, but despite all emotions and feelings we are grateful it unfolded before any sales transpired. This decision is made to protect the (Kujira) community and those who looked into investing into Blend Protocol.

We have the best interests for you, our community, in mind. We will keep you informed about all future updates as they happen.

Please give us time to work things out.

The Blend Builders

An important update from the core team

To cancel/delay the OG Deal for 12 September was the least desirable thing that can happen. We’re very sorry and we want to address any questions that you might have.

Why is the OG Deal cancelled?

At this moment, we don’t feel that the OG deal valuation is aligned with the value that will be delivered in the next 2 months, while the OG vests. We want to do the right thing for the community and we have their best interests at heart.

What’s the status of Blend?

It’s actually live and running on Testnet with OGs helping us beta-test.

Are things unrecoverable?

No. There will be a plan moving forward. Once there is more information we’ll share it.

Is the BOW Yield Strategy going ahead?

Yes, and we are still excited about it! We feel the successful delivery of Blend Protocol and the BOW Yield Strategy will lead to some serious traction, a next GHOST flywheel and a new opportunity for all the community.

Will there still be a public sale?

Yes, there will still be a public sale.

What will be done for OGs?

We value the OGs and we’ll come with a adjusted plan for the OG sale, but at more attractive prices.

A lot of effort was poured into making the OG Deal a success, and as much as we value the community, it didn’t feel right to move ahead at this moment.

We’re reassessing and we’ll share new updates shortly!



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