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5 min readAug 31, 2023

In this article we reveal our exciting plans for the OG Deal (previously named OG pre-sale) and the public sale! Over the last few weeks our team has been very focussed on bringing the Blend Protocol smart contracts to the Kujira Mainnet. With the support of the Kujira community and validators, all the required governance proposals passed. Since the successful passing of all 7 mainnet proposals, our team has been working on the BOW Yield Strategy deployment and optimization. This has given us enough insights to set the OG Deal date and align with the highly anticipated V 1.0 launch of Blend Protocol!

While initially we planned the V 1.0 launch of Blend Protocol before the OG Deal, we feel that a few extra weeks of strategy optimization will make a world of difference for the success of Blend’s first strategy. Safety of users and funds are our first priority and we want to be absolutely certain that we deliver the best product we can.

So as a token of appreciation to the OGs, we’ve moved forward with an even more attractive OG Deal which will be going ahead shortly before the protocol launch.

Why a $BLEND token?

For those who haven’t heard about the $BLEND token yet, please read through our Tokenomics article to get a better understanding of the $BLEND token. When expanding the utility of the $BLEND token, we emphasized the need for it to be more than just a stakeable token. It establishes a sustainable cash flow for the Blend community and it empowers a democratic governance system, enabling stakeholders to work together for better outcomes.

Note: Blend V 1.0 will not yet have the governance section and $BLEND staking module enabled.

1 staked $BLEND = a share of fees from all Blend strategies as a reward for securing the chain.

OG Deal | Plasma by Fuzion (12, 13, & 14 Sept)

On 12–13–14 September, we will conduct an OG Deal for users with the OG role in our Discord server. In the previous weeks we asked all OGs to submit their Kujira address to participate in the deal. Their addresses will get whitelisted and they can participate in the sale.

About the OG Deal

Our team takes an unique approach to offering a fair opportunity for all whitelisted addresses to participate. That’s why the OG Deal will consist of 2 deals; a guaranteed and first come first served (FCFS) deal. These deals will run simultaneously during the OG Deal period, and all whitelisted OG addresses are eligible to participate in both.

Deal 1: Guaranteed $150, is a deal where every OG address can claim up to $150, USDC worth of $BLEND in the sale period. Guaranteed.

Deal 2: First come first serve, is a deal where every OG address can claim between $0 and $2500 worth of $BLEND on top of their $150. First come first serve.

Our team knows from past experiences that not all whitelisted addresses will be able to be online the moment the sale goes live. That’s why we introduced the guaranteed deal, to ensure that all OGs have a fair chance to get their hands on the first $BLEND tokens. Additionally we introduced the first come first served deal, for those that want to go bigger than just $150.

Any unclaimed tokens from the guaranteed or FCFS deal will go to the ‘OTC Rounds’ allocation (see Tokenomics), so that those tokens are available for the community in the future.

General Details

Dates: 12, 13 & 14 Sept (12 Sept UTC 8PM — 14 Sept UTC 8PM)

Location: Plasma Ignition Zone

Duration: 48h

Token Ticker: $BLEND

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $BLEND

Available for OG Deals: 500,000 $BLEND

Deal details

Deal 1: Guaranteed per wallet: $150, per address

Deal 2: First come first served: $0, up to $2,500 per address

Deposit token: $axlUSDC

$BLEND Price: $0.104

Cliff: 2 months

Vesting: 4 months

Issuer fees: 5% of total $USDC raised which Blend will pay to the Fuzion team.

Buyer fees: 0.5% fee in $BLEND paid on claim of token

Fees: 25% goes to $KUJI stakers and 75% goes to a reserve which will be distributed once $FUZN is migrated

Requirement: Kujira address and Keplr wallet extension (desktop)

Whitelist submission deadline: 3 September 2023 (Discord)

The deadline for Discord OGs to submit their Kujira address is set for the 3rd of September 2023 and can be done on our Discord server! After the deadline is finished, we share the whitelisted addresses once more, so all OGs can check that their address is in there.

Public Sale | Pilot Launchpad (Date TBA)

We’re conducting the public sale through PILOT. PILOT is an intuitive and innovative launchpad, built by Fuzion in a partnership with Kujira. We suggest reading this article to understand how PILOT works. Launching on PILOT also means that the fees flow to $KUJI stakers.

At this moment we have not yet set the exact dates of the public sale. Our main focus goes out to the OG Deals, launching V 1.0 of Blend Protocol and deploying the first strategies. This allows everyone to experience Blend Protocol V 1.0 and see the potential of Blend. The public sale, however, will be held before the 2-month OG Deal cliff expires.

General Details

Date: TBA

Location: PILOT

Token Ticker: $BLEND

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $BLEND

Available for public sale: 2,000,000 $BLEND

Sale Details

Base price: $0.16

Bidding discount: up to 30% ($0,112)

Bidding token: $axlUSDC

Requirement: Kujira address (Sonar, Keplr, Leap, Station, XDEFI)

Any individual possessing a Kujira address is eligible for the public sale unless you are domiciled in a country that does not allow the participation in token sale events. Please do your research and make yourself familiar with the regulations that apply to the USA and other countries.


In this article we covered all the information that is needed to have you informed about the OG public sale, and we gave updates on the public sale. With this information all OG Deal participants are able to make their own well informed decisions on whether or not to participate in the sales.

If there are any remaining questions, please reach out to us in our Telegram or Discord channel.

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