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Blend Protocol
4 min readJul 16, 2023

When we restrict access to opportunities based on unrelated skills, we inadvertently weed out the best ideas. True innovation thrives when barriers are removed, allowing the brilliance of untapped minds to flourish.

That’s why we bring you Blend Protocol. Our goal is to democratise strategy ideation and creation by eliminating existing barriers in building and shipping DeFi protocol strategies. Our groundbreaking FinTech on web3.0 simplifies yield access for everyone, unlocking new possibilities in the world of decentralized finance.

Coming soon to Kujira 🉐

Why are we doing this?

We are committed to open access and equal financial opportunities, supporting grassroots strategies and protocols. While financial outcomes may vary, our aim is to create a system where equal opportunity exists, irrespective of race, religion, socioeconomic status, or gender. We strive to empower individuals to participate on our platform and make yield strategies more accessible to a wider audience.

Blend Protocol is a platform where even your grandmother or friends unfamiliar with crypto can invest without requiring constant oversight.

Aligned with Team Kujira’s ethos, we chose to build Blend Protocol on the foundation of the Kujira blockchain. Our shared values help us to shape the future of open, and equal, decentralised finance.

How are we doing this?

By building Blend Protocol. We blend DeFi primitives to simplify & democratise yield access.

Initially, we’re whitelisting FIN, ORCA, GHOST & BOW from the Kujira Layer-1 blockchain into the Blend Protocol smart contracts. With the help of governance, our community members and strategists, will be able to propose their own ‘blends’, which can democratically be voted upon. The winning blend gets built and the strategist earns rewards based on performance from people investing in their strategy.

While self-created blends won’t be available on launch, we are excited to offer pre-configured strategies developed by existing core contributors. We’re launching with a BOW Index vault and have plans to introduce an ORCA Fund soon after, with further updates that will expand features for users to create and publish their own blends.

As the journey progresses, we continue to build and innovate, releasing more features over time. With each milestone, we enhance the capabilities of Blend Protocol, amplifying the potential of Kujira dApps, while also adopting the great tech that Cosmos has to offer with ICQ, ICA, and IBC!

What are we building?

We are building a platform that empowers individuals to create and invest in innovative public blends, revolutionising the way DeFi yield is accessed and managed.

Depending on the available primitives, which are selected through governance whitelisting, Blend Protocol streamlines the process of blending and managing these primitives. This grants users the ability to create advanced, innovative yield strategies that were previously unheard of or not possible due to lack of development skills.

We want to simplify yield access. That’s why Blend Protocol encourages community members, strategists and influencers to actively engage in designing, proposing, voting, and investing in new public blends. As a token of recognition, the strategists behind these winning public strategies will earn performance fees for their valuable contributions.

Blend Protocol offers opportunities to individuals with great ideas who may not have had the technical or capital resources to implement them before.

What’s next?

Our ambitions are high, and we firmly believe that yield generation should not be limited to a single blockchain. While we launch on Kujira and have the Blend ‘Hub’ on Kujira, our plans extend beyond. Our partners, Squid Router and Axelar, will help us to simplify yield access from multibillion chain(s) surpassing the boundaries of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Community effort

We are building a groundbreaking platform and aim to get attention from the wider world, specifically the Arbitrum community. By collaborating with the Kujira Community, Cosmos, and DeFi enthusiasts, we can concentrate our efforts on driving user adoption and attracting new liquidity (TVL) to both Blend Protocol and the broader Kujira ecosystem.

Our team believes in open access and equal financial opportunities. That’s why we are building Blend Protocol on Kujira.

Share your ideas!

There are some amazing strategists and investors in the community! We have our eyes on Logical Graphs, LLC, CryptoLimbo, CryptoCevo, Duo Nine, KujiraSenate, SumoKuji and Hein Alberts. Share your visionary strategies and let’s unlock the full potential of Blend Protocol together!

Join the Blend Protocol Discord and Blend Protocol TG-channel to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss your ideas on creating innovative blends.

What groundbreaking blends do you want to see?

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Blend Protocol

Blend DeFi primitives to simplify & democratise yield access. We're building to bring grassroots DeFi innovation to Kujira and beyond! Links in our bio!