Hello, Kujira Mainnet.

The first fully audited smart contracts of Blend Protocol are now open to community voting for Mainnet deployment.

Blend Protocol
2 min readAug 14, 2023


Please note, the Blend protocol requires multiple deployments* This includes: Instantiating the oracle, instantiating the factory and providing instantiate permissions to the factory contract.

While this may come as a shock to some, given Blend only popped up on socials ~5 weeks ago, the team has actually been working on Blend for over 4 months. We admire the typical Kujira way of just building products, and felt it was only right to follow suit.

Connecting Kujira dApps.

We challenged ourselves to build a product that connects the amazing protocols on Kujira in a way that supports grassroots innovation and inclusivity. While we haven’t publicly documented the many ins and outs Blend will offer, we are confident it will usher in a new era for Kujira DeFi and genuine protocol use.

How Blend benefits the Kujira community

Since $KUJI stakers earn fees from the use of protocols such as GHOST, BOW, FIN and ORCA, the game is simple; increase the use of these protocols through DeFi composability.

For MantaDAO

  • All swaps that happen on Blend strategies, will be routed through Manta which means more volume, more fees and more $MNTA value capture.


  • In particular the first strategy, Blend brings more liquidity and more transactions to BOW and by virtue FIN.

For Ghost

  • Blend heavily increases borrow volume and lend APRs meaning more fees back to $KUJI stakers.


  • Wait and see for this one, but we’re excited about it.

There will also be room for incorporating other current or future ventures on Kujira such as WinkHub, Calculated Finance (CALC) 🧮, Sonar wallet and more.

The Audit.

Our Audit was carried out by Resonance Security who have worked with partners such as Kado Money.

For the full Audit Report, please see: https://blendprotocol.xyz/audit-1.pdf

The Next Step.

As quality is important to us, we will be testing the BOW Yield Strategy privately in production, to ensure it’s performing as expected prior to opening up $KUJI deposits.

We will release more information on how this strategy works in the next few weeks.

Once we are happy, we will set a launch date and start the exciting count down.

A Final Note

We are just like you, Kujira community members that want to see nothing but Kujira realize the vision of true grown-up DeFi. This is why we have been pouring our blood, sweat and tears into development the last 4 months.

So buckle up, it’s time we work together to show the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond what it means to be a Kujiran, a Shrimp, a Manta, or a Ghost.

The Blend Builders



Blend Protocol

Blend DeFi primitives to simplify & democratise yield access. We're building to bring grassroots DeFi innovation to Kujira and beyond! Links in our bio!